POTA Activation: Alafia River State Park, KFF-1829

Today I activated my third park in WWFF: Alafia River State Park in Lithia, FL, KFF-1829.

20 meters was not particularly cooperative today, yielding my first “incomplete” activation. I only got 31 stations into the log, well short of the minimum 44 to qualify for a WWFF activation, so I’ll have to go back. Many signal reports were down in the 5/2-5/3 range, with a few 3/3 sprinkled in. QSB on the band was very strong today, oscillating between dead and full.

The weather was gorgeous, so it was nice to operate in a pavilion. The electricity was a nice perk, too.

Thanks to the chasers who managed to get through the noise.

Solar data for activation: SFI 72 / SN 0 / Ap 16 / Max Kp 4