Supplemental Activation: Alafia River State Park, KFF-1829

Today I returned to Alafia River State Park, KFF-1829, because my first activation only yielded 31 contacts. A POTA activation does not count until you have 44, and they can come from multiple days.

As with last time, QSB was a large problem. It took almost 2 hours to get 17 calls into the log – since 4 people from last activation called again. To my surprise, one of the better signals was to Slovenia, around 5,200 miles! I tried working pileups for W1AW and a station in Guadaloupe, but couldn’t raise either station.

Despite the conditions, it was a gorgeous day and I’m thankful to be done with this park for now.

Solar data for activation: SFI 73 / SN 0 / Ap 3 / Max Kp 1