Reviving Radio at USF

Last summer, I started working on a Technician license course with the goal of presenting it at my school (University of South Florida, College of Engineering). Once completed, I pitched it to our USF’s IEEE student chapter, who enthusiastically accepted. My goals were:

  • Present the crash course and organize a VE session, both on campus.
  • Schedule the course/VE session such that those who test and pass would receive their license ahead of Orlando Hamcation in mid-February.
Corey N4FQ teaching a Technician-class license workshop at the USF College of Engineering.

The class was a resounding success; we had almost 40 students show up. Most were Electrical Engineering, with a few Mechanical Eng/Computer Eng and one random History grad student. They asked good questions and took notes as I worked my way through the slides. In the week that followed, students worked diligently using resources like HamStudy to prepare for the exams.

On the night of the VE session, we were again shocked at the turnout. 35 students showed up to take their exams.

VE session at the USF College of Engineering.

Of the 35 who showed up, we passed:

  • 26 new Technician licensees!
  • 2 new General licensees!
  • 1 General upgrade!

Because the exams were administered under Laurel VEC, the students received their licenses quickly. Several subsequently attended Orlando Hamcation to purchase their first radio and explore everything one can do with a license.

Newly-licensed USF students speaking with a vendor at Orlando Hamcation.

Perhaps the most exciting result of this licensing push has been the revival of USF’s dormant Amateur Radio Club! A group of students have filed paperwork to start the new Club with the E.E. department chair as the advisor. It’s difficult to express my excitement in words!

I will update later after the club takes shape.

See you down the log.